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Counsellor – Coach – Birth Psychology Educator -Healing Birth Practitioner – Hypnotherapist

  • Bonding & Attachment Support for Conscious Conception Pregnancy, Birth & Early Infancy
  • Healing Birth & Womb Trauma– for Mama’s & Babies 
  • Healing Your Past – Beliefs, Conditioning & Trauma
  • Advocacy & Awareness of the Baby’s Experience
  • Healing your Own Birth & Womb Experience
  • Inner Child Healing

Life doesn't look or feel the way you wish it would...

– Aspects of your life haven’t turned out like you thought they would


– You feel stuck and don’t know how to change and  move forward


– You just can’t let go or heal from traumatic experiences


– Or perhaps its pain from your past

Please know this... change and healing is possible when you gain a deeper understanding of your issue.

GEntly Held You matter
Healing Birth Trauma

Healing Birth Trauma

Babies Birth Expereince

Babies Birth Experience

Bonding with Baby

Bonding with Your Baby

Healing your Own Birth and Womb Experience

Healing the Past

Healing the Past

Healing the Inner Child

"Michelle is so welcoming and easy to open up to.

My feelings were validated and I was able to begin to understand my response and feelings around my birth experience. I felt heard. Michelle was able to relate my experience back to physiology and gave me a different angle to look at what happened. To celebrate my strength and journey. I have recommended Michelle to other mothers already and am looking forward to working with her again before any future births."


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