More About Me and My Beliefs

I believe we come into this world as sentient conscious Beings, consciousness coming into human life with purpose. The part of us that feels whole, attuned to the Truth of who we are where we came from and knows our connectedness and unity to others and all forms. Overtime the Soul develops an ego structure in order for us to individuate and become our own person so we can function in the world.

The experiences we have as we grow up imprint on our nervous systems either towards social engagement or self-defence which can have an impact on the degree of disconnection to our true nature. Up until the age of around 2 our memories are implicit, memories you can’t consciously remember, they are recorded in the body through sensation and emotions, especially survival experiences.

Some life experiences can be so painful, overwhelming and life threatening we go into survival mode and create defensive strategies to block painful memories. The only way to cope when we are so young is to either dissociate and or suppress the effects of that experience. Our psyches adapted to survive in our environment to make sure we were fed, loved and looked after, overtime, in different degrees we forget who we are. Eventually we just take ourselves to be a body and an ego, this becomes a painful loss for our Soul.

This disconnection from our True Nature and our suppressed pain, which in turn disconnects us from others, is what creates such suffering for us. We can feel lost and feel like something is missing in our life. We may then turn to other sources to try and fill this void that the disconnection has left within us. These sources can be anything like food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, workaholism, anything that can distract us from our pain/trauma and disconnection from ourselves.

If we don’t listen to these imbalances, it can start manifesting as illnesses and/or psychological disorders trying to get our attention, ‘hey look here this is where your pain has been stuffed down and suppressed, help me, feel me’.

Our Soul is the core of who we are and is always calling us home. If we learn to listen through our bodies innate wisdom, slowly and gently, and in our own timing, it will speak to us. It will tell us about the pain we have suppressed, the disconnection to ourselves and we will slowly start to unfreeze, feel and understand those emotions and experiences that were too overwhelming for us.

What I have learnt from my journey is that ultimately, there is nothing wrong with us, it is part of the human condition to forget who we are. It is on the path of remembering that we get to know what we are made of. ‘There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.’— Leonard Cohen. We are not damaged, the light of who we are can never be put out. We are a forever-evolving mystery, there is no end to the journey of discovering ourselves.

We can start to remember and rediscover our potential by navigating our way through our darkness (past experiences, conditioning, trauma, beliefs). If we can have the courage to be present to what is emerging for us in the moment, hold it and feel it with kindness and compassion and love ourselves through it all, in time, it can be integrated and little by little we can reclaim our Light.  

My Learning & Qualifications

Certificate in Prenatal and Perinatal Dynamics 2023 with Kate White, PPD Center 

Treating Babies Foundations 2022 Jonathan Evans, Kindred Academy

Certified as a Healing Birth Practitioner 2021 with Carla Sargent, Healing Birth Educator

Certified Birth Psychology Educator 2020 APPPAH (Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health)

Certificate in Life Coaching 2015 Australian and New Zealand Institute of Coaching

One year of Foundational Training in Psychosynthesis 2013

Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy 2008 Alpha Hypnosis Training

Craniosacral Therapy 1999 Wellpark College of Natural Therapies -70 hours

Certificate in Massage Fundamentals 1998 Wellpark College of Natural Therapies

Certificate in Psychosomatic Therapy & Body Mind Analysis 1998 The Australian Institute of Body Mind Analysis

Foundation Course in Holistic Pulsing 1998 The Holistic Pulsing Guild

Certificate in Counselling 1997 Manukau Institute of Technology

Diamond Approach/Ridhwan Mystery School, Spiritual Path of Self Discovery-12 years.

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